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Sony Xperia XA1 Dual SIM

Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 is a Breath of Fresh Air that Changes Everything

In an oversaturated market of metal and glass smartphone models, Sony has brought its Sony Xperia XA! Dual G3116 as a real contender to defy the established rules. In short, it is a breath of fresh air that changes everything. Despite being a part of Sony's mid-range smartphone models, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 aims to deliver something more refreshing to its users. While Sony Xperia XZs represents Sony's flagship offering in its current top-of-the-line inventory, one should not underestimate how Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 can hold its own.

Dare to Be Different

At first glance, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 seems out of place with its good old polycarbonate block. Although the current trend emphasizes bezel minimalism these days, Sony has been brave enough to push its own signature style. In fact, it manages to exude its own majesty due to its pleasantly elegant and distinct. Since its 5 inch is framed between big top and bottom bezel areas, this arrangement actually makes it taller than it looks.

Despite its all-plastic construction, it still does not change the fact that Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 is solid and not as fragile as it looks. Yet, it is narrow enough for you to use it comfortably with just one hand. The metal home key of Sony is also strategically-placed so that you can feel and press without even having to look at it. As usual, there is a dedicated camera key for a quick snap. Like its name, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 supports microSIM that gives the flexibility and freedom of using two SIM cards. If Sony wants to create a more intuitive interaction with its Sony Xperia XA1, it has succeeded spectacularly.  

Sharper Display Quality

To be honest, Sony Xperia XA1's 720 x 1280 resolution has nothing to wow about. However, its HD display screen is something worth talking about. It manages to excel in terms of color balance and outdoor visibility; these two qualities are somewhat lacking in most smartphones. At the same time, this HD screen works best at this diagonal because you can save a lot of power.  

Exhilarating Performance with Powerful Octa-Core Processor

On paper, its octa-core MediaTek Helio P20 processor may cast some doubts about its performance. However, it will surprise you because it is clocked at 4x 2.3GHz and 4 x 1.6Ghz. You can compare its power with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. Since it made with a 16nm process, it also emphasizes the essentials of frugality. Sony Xperia XA1 comes with 3GB of RAM that should be more than enough to handle any given challenges without noticeable hiccups. Sony Xperia XA1 also brings something to make your experience an exhilarating one.

Thanks to its Qnovo Adaptive Charging feature, it will monitor battery health and adjust charging current accordingly. If you battery hits low, you can trust Stamina mode to disable certain functions to preserve battery power. While it houses the humble 2300mAh battery, it is designed to ensure a long-lasting performance. Fascinatingly, it learns your charging patterns and adapts to them. As a result, you can even enjoy up to to twice the battery lifespan.

Simple & Steady Interface

When it comes to its interface, Sony Xperia XA1 boasts Android 7.0 Nougat with Sony UX on top. This combination adds a lot of value because you can enjoy the common apps from Google with Sony's own unique twist. These twists include plenty of options for theme and extra personalization. Sony also incorporates its signature Sketch and Movie Creator apps that present incredible video and image editing abilities. In short, it is simple, steady, and fluid experience as you navigate around with Sony Xperia XA1.

Superior 23MP Exmor RS Camera Sensor

When you talk about Sony, you will be familiar with its good track record with its smartphone camera technology. The biggest selling point about Sony Xperia XA1 is its 23MP rear camera with predictive hybrid autofocus. Its Exmor RS camera sensor enables you to get brighter photos even in low-light condition. With its 24mm-wide angle rear lens, you can fit every subject you need in one photo. If you have smaller subject, you can get five times close with its highly versatile 5x Clear Image Zoom.

As for its 8MP front camera, it offers equally impressive photo quality as well. Its 23mm-wide angle lens allows your front camera to capture all the action you want. This means that you can always enjoy a great wefie experience with Sony Xperia XA1. Overall, you can expect its rear and front cameras to boast sharp and vivid photo qualities.


As mentioned earlier, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 is a well-built mid-ranger model. Although it does not enjoy the benefits of higher-end features such as fingerprint sensor and water-resistant, its attractive price should sway you into making the best decision of your life. Geared to cater to needs of younger generation, Sony Xperia XA1 Dual G3116 brings impressive features at a modest price.



Author Bio: Aaron Tam is an editorial writer from
iPrice Group.

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LG Watch Urbane – Where Luxury Design Watches Can Also Be Smart Watches

At Expansys Asia we took an unbox review of the LG urbane 3rd generation and the latest from LG Watches released since April 28th. To be honest the Smart Watch looks more like a luxury brand watch than a Smart Watch. A great feat by the LG manufactures in coming up with a better design and comfort feel; let’s take a look in detail.




Similar to its sibling LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane has a round body with 1.3 inch / 320x320 (~245 ppi) P-OLED circle display. Equipped with 410mAh battery, the watch will be functioning for the whole day at normal usage. The watch also comes with Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Cortax A7, 512 RAM and 4GB internal memory. It uses a 9-axis combination sensor of Gyro, Accelerometer and Compass. The watch also includes a 4.0 Bluetooth Low energy efficiency.


LG Watch Urbane is the first full metal body smart watch introduced by LG. With its classy and cleaner outlook, Urbane can be the best looking and most fashionable smart watch gear arguably. Available in two colours – Gold with brown leather band and Silver with black leather band, the Urbane would satisfy and suit most of its consumers with different preferences. Instead of Yellow Gold, Urbane uses Rose Gold


With the stitched leather band, the Urbane give a feel of high-end fashion item. The body of the watch is quite big though, especially for those consumers with a smaller wrist, but this is all you can choose as all Android Wear gears are with this “standard” size.



For internal spec, the Urbane is the first smart watch which runs the Android Wear 5.1.1, said to be more user friendly and functional with the hands-free gestures and other update features:

-       Flicking your wrist can scroll up and down through your Google Now cards, more convenient when your other hand is occupied.

-       With a tap or swipe to the left can now access the app list and contact list, instead of searching the app or using voice control.

-       Ability of WIFI connection leave Urbane operates on its own. Even if the smartphone is not around, with connection to the WIFI, Urbane can still receive all notifications whenever the smart phone is connected to data network.

-       With the Always-on display, the screen will turn into mono-tone when the Urbane is in stand-by mode while an app is operating. Save users’ the time to re-open the app.

-       The Draw Emoji function certainly adds functionality to the Urbane, but for those who has a “special” drawing sense would probably opt for typing.

In addition to the watch, you can connect it using Bluetooth with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices or Smartphone that runs on Andrioid.


What’s in the box? The package comes with the W150 LG Urbane, charging cradle and USDB cable, travel adapter and the manual.



Here we have identified the Pros and Cons for the LG Watch Urbane:



-       Improved stylish design with metal frame and stitched leather strap.

-       22mm leather strap is swappable with any watch band with your preference.

-       Features the latest software of Android Wear 5.1.1 which brings better user experience with updated applications.

-       Equipped with IP67 dust/water resistant and PPG heart rate sensor



-       Relatively big metal frame size which may not suit smaller wrists.

-       Does not support GPS functionality.

-       Quite an expensive smart watch compared to other Android wear in the market.


The big step forward took by LG in its smart wearable is moving to the right direction, with the evidence of the higher-end appearance and upgraded user-friendly software of the LG Watch Urbane. The LG Watch Urbane would arguably be the best smart watch in the current market. Consumers should still take note that the latest software of Android Wear 5.1.1 would possibly soon be rolling out to other smart watches, but it is always excited to get your hands on new-tech before others do.


The LG Watch Urbane is now available at EXPANSYS:

Gold with Brown Leather Band:


Silver with Black Leather Band:




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Moto G 動手玩,相對小巧的低價手機(影片)

自從被 Google 收購後,Motorola 總算比以前進取了 -- 繼 Moto X 和 MotoMaker 之後,這次就殺入低價市場,推出了 Moto G。簡單點說,Moto G 可以說是紅米手機的國際版,同樣而較低的價格為賣點(當然,Moto G 要貴一些),而內裏的規格方面,Moto G 用的也是國際品牌:處理器使用了 Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz,而 RAM 則有 1GB。其他規格還有 4.5 吋螢幕、500 萬像素相機、Android 4.3 和只有 8GB 的儲存等等。之餘動手玩感想和影片就請跳轉後觀看吧。

圖集: Moto G 動手玩



也許是習慣了使用 5 吋或以上螢幕手機的關係,當我們拿起 4.5 吋螢幕的 Moto G,竟然生出了一種「噢,很小巧!」的感覺 @@,而實際上使用 Moto G 也被以往的手機輕鬆,我們可以輕易地將手機抓住。即使其使用的是霧面背蓋,也不會讓人有很容易摔機的感覺,而外觀雖然不算出衆,但也可以看出其和 Moto X 是一脈相承的。Moto G 的背蓋被設計成可以更換,但除了更換不同顏色背蓋和 SIM 卡外,我們是不可以自行更換電池和加入 microSD 的。


軟體方面,Moto G 而低階手機來說使用了很新的系統,運行 Android 4.3 的它保留了大量原生 Android 的元素,當中包括了只限五版主頁的介面和使用小工具頁籤的清晰列表等等。要說自家元素也不是沒有,將其內建了由 RAZR 系列傳承下來,功能相近的 Assist 軟體,可以設定在不同時間手機的狀態,而設定裏也可以看到有 Motorola 帳號的選項。簡單動手玩下來,我們對 Moto G 的印象是不錯的,整體操作並沒有顯得很慢,而這部 Moto G 的水貨售價大約也是在 HK$1,699(約 NT$6,500)左右,而當其正式登陸香港時,我們也希望可以更詳細的報道啊。
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SmartDevice Z Watch review by Expansys

Competition in the Smart Watch World - SmartQ Z Watch

The SmartQ Z Watch connects you to your Android device so you can always stay in touch.   It’s waterproof, offers 4 GB storage and offers an alternative to the competition on the market.  With so many brands now offering Smart watches from Pebble, Samsung and Sony it is good to see a more affordable option in the market:




It comes with an impressive specification list and apps for the price:



·         Processor: Ingenic JZ4775 low-power processor 1.0 GHz

·         Memory: Storage: 4GB eMMC / RAM: 512MB

·         Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

·         WLAN: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

·         Connection: 3.5 mm audio jack (with waterproof audio jack stopper)

·         Acceleration Sensor: Three-axis accelerometer

·         Microphone: Built-in high sensitive Microphone

·         Screen: 1.54-inch TFT LCD / Resolution: 240x240 / Capacitive multi-touch tempered glass touch screen

·         For use with: Smartphones using Android 4.0 and later

·         Water resistant: IP-X7 water resistant*

·         Battery: 300 mAh Li-poly

·         Size of Case: 49.9mm(L) x 38.5mm(W) × 12.2mm(H)

·         Size of strap: 22mm(W) length: 24.5cm (including case)

·         Weight: approx 42.5 g


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The most affordable Action Camera- XBase SJ1000 Sports HD DV (White)


The Xbase SJ100 sports HD camera is truly a value for money if you are looking for something that is reasonably priced and can be used in  moving Action. Even more so is the amazing features you can use. Unboxing the item will reveal a lot of components but if you are a person that loves adventures and capturing videos in motion than assembling the Camera is worth every bit of your time.


Here are 8 great reasons to use Xbase SJ100 Sports DV

  1. Housing Case mounting clip - You can have the camera strapped to your arm while in motion, simply take the bandage clip No.11  and hooking it to the back of the case and insert the strap No.10      

  2. Helmet housing - For bicycle travellers you can take the helmet and mount on the camera using No.14, and straps No. 11.


  1. Helmet mounted - For even crazier bikers, instead of hosting the camera on the helmet, you can host the camera up vertical so that its vertically mounted on the helmet. Fee free to try it out using nos 14, 5 & 1.

                 *Note you will need a bind strap no 3 to host it onto the helmet not provided in the pack


  1. Clip mounting - A more easier way to handle the camera is using the clip No.10. Simply stick it to the back of the HD camera without the Waterproof case, and camera can be clipped to your buckle, pocket or to a strap No 11.


  1. Housing Case installation -  The housing case installation No.1  which is the waterproof case is probably the best piece of the HD Camera. As it allows the camera to be waterproof up to 30 meters depth.


  1. Bike Rack mounted - Similar to the GoPro yet more economical version is the bike rack ability. Using nos 12, 17, or 6 and tools of No.15 fix and mount it to the handrail of any bicycle. Once the support is mounted, you can leave it on and just remove the camera for convenience.


  1. Car recorder install - Using Nos 6,5 and 2  with the tiny screw driver No.15 in the above image, to mount it on the windscreen of the car. For the electric supply you can plug it into the cigarette lighter receptacle for the camera to be fully functional 


  1. Home Security -As this camera is a multipurpose one, you can also used it not just for motion shots but having it in a stationary position. What that means is you have it installed as a security camera in your own living space. To do so you will need to use nos 6, 7 & 3, including the sticky pad next to nos 9 & 10 .The XBase SJ10 Sports HD DV camera needs to be plugged in to AC supply to continually capture video.


Useful Features of the Xbase SJ100 Sporst HD XBase SJ1000 Sports HD DV (White)

  • Waterproof to a depth of 30 meters a great choice for watersports and diving

  • The video camera is HD built in at 1.5 inch display

  • 140 degrees high resolution wide-angle lens gives a panoramic effect that is great for outdoor video footages

  • Max storage between 2GB to 32GB storage card

  • Standard parts are removable and easily assemble

  • Serves as a Webcam so you can connect it to your PC

  • HDMI and HDTV output

To view the product in detail check out this youtube video created.



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Great Features of the Sony SBH2



One -touch (NFC) connect and go - this feature uses the Smart Bluetooth® where you simply just touch the back of the smartphone to the back of any android device in some cases you will need to enable NFC for the smartphone or normally Bluetooth Pairing.


Music experience

While not answering to calls on the SBH52, I downloaded a few songs to check the sound quality and for a small device its quite decent. It has a deep bass and clean clear treble. On the display window of the SBH52 you can see the current song track , artist name and track info.  You can simply click the >> next function button or previous << function button to skip tracks similar to a traditional cassette recorder.


Smart app-enabled

In addition to using the Sony SBH52, you can download the application for android from Google Play Sony smart app extension. Search for Sony SBH52 and you will find the extension app on Google Play for android devices.



The window app allows you to view calls and call lists under the New events section of your phone display.  


In addition you can read text notifications and messages in a clear OLED display.


FM radio

Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 has a built-in stand alone FM radio with RDS. Save your favourite radio stations and enjoy real time entertainment wherever you are.

Multi-compatible. Multipoint

You can use Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 with any device that supports standard Bluetooth® audio streaming (A2DP) including the most popular laptops, smartphones and tablets. This wireless headset will also connect to two smartphones or other devices at the same time.

Other Specifications of the Sony SBH52

“Anywhere - Anytime “

The Sony SBH52 Smart Bluetooth handset is splash proof so it can stand drops of rain. It is not waterproof however, so just be careful not to drop it into a pool of water assuming that splash proof is same as water proof.

To summarize Sony SBH52 comes with


  • Bluetooth 3.0

  • Multipoint connectivity

  • NFC

  • FM radio with RDS

  • HD Voice ready
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抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!

講到 12 月的一個重頭戲,除了在 12 月 12 日開賣的紅米之外,就是大家期待的平價四核手機 Motorola Moto G 了吧!因為發佈時講到香港成為首發地區,所以不少 Moto 的粉絲都相當興奮,版主睇過外國的 Hands-on 試玩都覺得好吸引,而今日終於可以在香港買到了!想知道入手方法同埋睇跑分、機身就即刻 Click 入黎睇睇啦!

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!

Espansys 引入英國水貨 ! 有全球保養賣 $1,699!

今日可以在香港玩到 Google 和 Motorola 合作推出的 Moto G,可以說是 12 月的一個驚喜。因為版主知道代理方面要 12 月至尾先正式引入這部機,而版主玩到的是購物網站 Expansys 從英國引入的水貨。話雖如此,版主留意到說明書入面有全球保養的條款,而 Expansys 都保證買貨後 14 日包換,算是可以放心入手的一個途徑。

價錢方面 Espansys 的網站 8GB 版本定價 $1,699 就比起美國接近 $1,388 的定價貴 $300 ,與英國方面的價錢接近,比較可惜的就是沒有引入 16GB 版本了。因為 Moto G 是不支援外置插卡的,所以 8GB 的容量對於用家來說是有點緊張,等埋等埋行貨出現就自己諗了。

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲現時在網上已經有得賣 Motorola Moto G ,但只有 8GB 版本,定價在 $1,699

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲ Moto G 有著全球保養,當然是不包人為損壞(所以是 Limited Warranty)

Motorola Moto G 開箱上手試!平價但不廉價

有真機到港版主當然先來一個開箱吧,之前對於 Motorola Moto G 的外國評測其實也不少,先跟網友們複習一次它的規格吧!以一部賣價低於 $2,000 的機種來說,有著 4.5 吋的 720p 屏幕和 Qualcomm S400 四核心 1.2GHz 處理器+ 1GB RAM 是它的亮點,而 500 萬像素主鏡頭和 130 萬像素前鏡頭算是比較入門的規格,看在價錢上也不能要求太多,而 2070mAh 電池和中階機種差不多大,配合原生 Android 系統的表現還是值得期待的。

一開箱, Moto G 的包裝很簡單,就是手機、說明書和 USB 連接線,跟 Nexus 5 同樣是沒有耳機的,算是便宜下的小小代價吧。初次拿上手的感覺比想像中好,雖說是入門級價錢的手機,在造工、質感方面都沒有一種廉價的感覺。可能是習慣使用大屏幕的手機吧,版主覺得 Moto G 的 4.5 吋屏幕相當好拿,是單手可以操作的大小,重量在 143g 也是合適的程度,就是沒有超窄邊框的有型設計了。要說不好的地方,就是機身略為厚了一點,和機背太易沾指紋了吧!icon

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲ Moto G 的包裝相當簡約,用上了白色和淺綠的配色,不算搶眼。

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲ Moto G 裡面的配件不多,就是 USB 連接線和手機,還有說明書+保養書了

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲開機了!是 Motorola 的開機畫面,和發佈會時的那個地球一樣,動畫美感十足!

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲Moto G 機身還算小巧,版主 Eddie 手是比較小的,也可以輕鬆單手操控,就是機身厚了一點

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲把玩了一下, Moto G 的機背相當易沾指紋的,也不容易抹去,這是磨沙機背的缺點啊icon(還好可以換機殼)

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分! 抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲ Moto G 採用可拆殼式設計,可惜電池是內置式,所以不可以換電,也沒有 Micro SD 插卡槽

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分! 抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲ USB 連接埠在機底,而音量和解鎖鍵都在機身右側, 3.5mm 就在機頂

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲720p 解像度在 4.5 吋屏幕上面有著 326 PPI ,屏幕無論是亮度和顏色都很不錯

運行原生 Andorid ! Qualcomm S400 四核測試

開機試玩了一會,版主認為原生 Android 系統在 Moto G 上面運行得實在相當順暢,對於那麼「乾淨」的一部機來說其實不用太快的處理器也有很不錯的流暢度了,可惜的它不是運行最新的 Android 4.4 KitKat ,要等到明年一月才有更新,玩不到「 Ok Google」 的功能。內置比較特別的功能就是一個叫 Motorola Assist 的 App ,只是一個簡單的場景模式,不太佔空間也不食 RAM ,算是一個輕量的客制化。

版主今次試到的是 8GB 版本,機身入面有著接近 5GB 的空間,對於重度用家來說未必夠用,相片/影片也實在不能夠放太多,能否接受就看個人使用習慣了。而機身上面採用著的 Qualcomm S400 四核心 1.2GHz 四核心配合 1GB RAM 的效能如何?即刻比大家睇睇跑分:

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲內置的Motorola Assist ,說穿了就是場景模式,不算太特別的功能,其餘就是運行原生 Android 了

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分! 抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲在安兔兔的跑分 Motorola Moto G 有著 17552 分,比起採用 Qualcomm APQ8064 的 Nexus 4 還要快,亦比起很多 MTK 四核機種快上不少,證明 Qualcomm S400 四核心運作上的速度還不錯

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分! 抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲Quadrant Standard 的分數有著 8400 分,雖然及不上 Qualcomm S600 機款過萬的分數,但已經比上一代的 Qualcomm APQ8064 系列快了,大家可以留意到處理器的型號是 Qualcomm MSM 8226

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分! 抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲ Vellamo 在 HTML 5 的跑分接近 2,000 分,證明這部機運行起大型網頁的時侯表現不會輸給 Qualcomm S600 機種如 HTC One  等,不過硬件上面就只有 517 分的成績,跟 Nexus 4 等舊一代機核機種差不多;大家亦可以留意內置容量大約 5.52GB 左右,扣除應用程式大約只有 5GB 空間可以用

抵港開賣 $1,700!Motorola Moto G 開箱試跑分!
▲Moto G 在 Nenamark 2 達不到 60fps 的滿分,在 3D 圖像處理方面還是及不上新一代的四核機款,如果不是用來運行大型遊戲的話其實也夠用。


網友們,睇完版主對 Motorola Moto G 的開箱你地又會唔會考慮入手番一部呢?定係會等埋行貨版本先決定?你地又覺得 $1,700 買到呢部機的話性價比如何?係討論串或者 Facebook 留言分享一下睇法吧!

Motorola MOTO G 在文章刊登時,行貨推出日期及行貨賣價尚未公佈。水貨 8GB ROM 版本,由Expansys Hong Kong 引入,賣價為 HK$1,699,提供十四日包換。按這裡有更詳細 MOTO G 規格及最新賣價

Motorola Moto G 由 Expansys Hong Kong 借出

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Upgrading to Apple's 5th Generation iPad Air - A LIGHTER CHOICE

The new Apple iPad Air released in Asia around early November 2013 and is much lighter than the previous versions.

Currently Apple is not so vocal about the release compared to the iPad 2, iPad 3 and  iPad 4 but from the looks of the tablet it is much lighter and incorporates the latest  Apple iOS 7 with Siri.

Dimension wise it stands at  height of 23.88 cm X  width 16.76 cm and thinness of merely 0.73 cm

One of the main factors for choosing an iPad Air is the lightness compared to the iPad 4 and earlier versions. The iPad Air weighs in at only 469 grams (less than half a Kilogram) compared to the iPad 4 which weighs 662 grams, thats a 30% decrease in weight.

As for the pixel resolution size you will not be disappointed if you are wanting a bigger screen because the size remains at 9.7 inches with a display resolution remaining at 2048 x 1536 with 264 pixels per inch.

In addition the memory remains at 1024 or 1GB RAM.  

4 Extra giveaways of the iPad Air


  1. Faster processor - by far the fastest for an Apple tablet with the new A7 serious (64bit, with M7 motion coprocessor at 1.4GHZ)

  2. Better graphics - The iPad Air has a Multi-core Power VR G6430 Graphics Processing Unit giving a great look and feel together with the latest iOS 7 user interface.

  3. Wifi performance - 802.11a/b/g/n) MIMO multiple antennas  also referred to multiple input and multiple output or smart antenna as its commonly known, provides a better WIFI coverage performance than its predecessors.

  4. Longer battery life - Product specifications state that it is around 11hrs (32.4Wh) compared to the Ipad 4 of 10 hrs (42.5 Wh)

The new iPad Air by Apple is currently available in Space Gray and silver at a competitive price.

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The third and latest handset by Blackberry – BB Z30 unlocked (sim free)

Blackberry Z30 is the third product to be released from the BlackBerry flagship. It comes ready built for 4G compatibility and a total 25 hours battery life. Price wise is not so much of a difference compared to many of the slick features it offers.

The Z30 design is a mixture of both the Z10 and Q10 which has a similar glass weave back panel, button -less keyboard and all screen design ethos of the Z10. The display screen is strongly built Super Amoled with 720p unit a much better improvement user experience of multi touch screen.

As for the icon colors they look are beautifully design with serious user experience in mind. The back panel can be removed however the battery is quite difficult.

You can see the big difference here compared to the iPhone 5.

The Blackberry Z30 contains a 1.7GHz processor with Quad Core graphics and only weighs 170 grams. As

for the resolution for a 5 inch display stands at 1280 x 720.

The smart phone camera has a 2 mega pixel front camera and a 8 mega pixel back camera allowing for a significant zoom and ability to record HD video ranging from 1080p to 720p.

Handy features

Battery Life


As claimed by Blackberry the Li-Ion 2880 mAh battery runs at 25 hours, 18 hours mixture of data and talktime and a total of 10 hours of talk time and for 3G up to 384 hours standby . 


Great speaker Quality

Many review critics claim that the quality of sound is much clearer and louder than the previous versions.


Blackberry 10.2 OS


The latest 10.2 version comes loaded with the new features of BBM ( Blackberry messaging) that allows for message notification to be displayed as a pop up on the screen when a new email, or message comes through.


This is quite useful if the user is accessing many applications without closing them to read those messages. A feature called priority inbox helps for messages to be sorted automatically or through user settings as a result gives a great experience for users that are always swamped with emails or notifications from other applications such as facebook.


Security features of Blackberry 10 using Trend Micro

For mobile users that are concerned about their data security of their smartphones, Blackberry 10 OS built in Trend Micro allows for several features that help protect from threats like password, data, web browsing, app permission settings and app screening.


The feature of password protection allows you to securely store all of your online passwords. Anti theft protection lets you remotely locate a device and wipe the data without having to touch the phone. In addition the mobile web feature helps stop mobile URL phishing by blocking pop ups where as the app permission feature lets users choose which data apps can be accessed on their Blackberry phones.


Blackberry Z30 also comes with evernote app freely installed and multilingual settings.

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How to cut a SIM card to use in Apple iPhone 5 nano-SIM tray

This afternoon Expansys Hong Kong received our first shipments of iPhone 5. One of our main concerns regarding the new iPhone 5 was whether regular SIMs could be cut down to work with Apple’s nano-SIM format. Although Apple has previously indicated that users would be required to purchase or trade-in their SIM cards for Apple’s new nano-SIM format, Expansys has found that this is not necessarily the case.

Before beginning to explain this process, Expansys would like to state that this process has not been tested with all SIM cards, and that users who cut down their SIM cards do so at their own risk. Expansys in no way accepts responsibility for any damage caused by this process.

Step-By-Step Guide

Items Needed
1.    1 XBase nano-SIM cutter
2.    1 sheet of extra-fine sandpaper
3.    1 standard SIM card (or micro-SIM)
4.    1 Apple iPhone 5

XBase nano-SIM cutter

Cut-down nano-SIM

Begin by placing your SIM card into the slot at the base of the nano-SIM cutter, (use the included micro-SIM adapter if you aren’t using a standard SIM card). Make sure that the metal contacts align with the hole at the bottom of the cutter. Press down hard on the lever to cut the SIM card. When you remove the outer portions of your SIM card from the cutter, you will notice that part of the metal on the SIM card itself has also been cut, but this is not essential to the functioning of the card.

After cutting the SIM card, we were able to insert the SIM card into Apple’s nano-SIM tray. However, the fit was quite snug and the edges of the SIM card weren’t quite flush with the tray, and we were worried that if we pushed the SIM in all the way, it might become stuck. So instead we rubbed the back of our new nano-SIM against some fine-grained sandpaper to take that extra 0.09 mm off the top. Once we sanded it down for a minute or two, we placed the cut-down SIM back into the tray and made sure the edges were flush with the tray height. After that, we inserted the nano-SIM tray, booted up our new iPhone 5, and after a minute or so it recognized the signal and we were able to dial away!

Sanding down the nano-SIM

Ensure SIM card is flush with nano-SIM tray

Insert nano-SIM tray

Cut-down nano-SIM has a strong signal.