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How can this do with an IP Camera...

Posted: 00:00 10 Feb 09 #1
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Searching for a device to view an IP camera over wifi and occasionally over mobile broadband.  As I recall this hasn't got 3G so it won't be the best but the price is good. 

This is a great price but I wondered what it can manage. If an existig user could try the following for me and report back it would be great.

3 Test Cameras so far:

Advanced phones including iPhone and iPod Touch

On the iPhone or iPod Touch you can visit the camera as you would in any desktop browser and once logged in the Y-cam will auto-detect the browser type (in this case Safari) and display a motion jpeg stream. This is a live video stream directly from the camera, but not optimised for the mobile viewing platform.

Mobile phone or Blackberry with browser and 3gpp capability - VLC player

On your phone’s browser visit http://ipaddress:port/mblogin.asp and you will see 3 options: Live picture, 3gpp stream and mobile settings. From here you can choose whether to view a static image, a video stream optimised for cellphones, or change the settings (which you may have to do to get the 3gpp stream working on your phone.

KR: I've also had luck going to http://ipaddress:port/mobile

Direct 3gpp stream

The direct url for 3gpp streams is: rtsp://ipaddress:port/live_mpeg4.spd

This will work in 3gpp enabled phones, but will also work on your desktop in players like Quicktime and Real Player which support the 3gpp video stream type.

If that url does not work try this one: rtsp://ipaddress:port/live_mjpeg.sdp

Live picture

To view a live picture from the Y-Cam on your phone go to http://ipaddress:port/snapshot.jpg. This will display a static image captured at the time of request. To see a new snapshot you will need to refresh the page.

Please suggest any improvements or report problems / abuse to