Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM (4GB, Black)

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Unlocked (what's this?)

What is an "Unlocked" phone?

Many mobile phones are designed to use a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to store subscriber data. These SIM cards are issued by the carrier and provide voice & data service to the phone. "Locked" mobile phones will only recognize SIM cards from the carrier that originally provided the phone. Almost all mobile phones provided by local carriers are locked to that carrier’s network and cannot be used on other networks.

"Unlocked" mobile phones can use SIM cards from any carrier that supports the phone's operating frequencies. This makes them more convenient for switching carriers & traveling abroad. As many carriers also require customers to purchase pricey 2-year data contracts with new smartphone purchases, buying an "unlocked" phone can also be cheaper in the long run, as it allows customers to use "pre-paid" and "no-contract" SIM-card options or to switch to a new carrier when a cheaper, better plan becomes available.

  • HK$649 HK$1,100

  • Ordered on request, please contact us for details

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  • EXPANSYS Code: 311452
  • , EAN: 6438409014511
  • , Mfr: 8810_BLK
  • , Brand: Nokia

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Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM Features

Surf, chat and stream on 4G LTE with the new Nokia 8110 4G. Slide open to pick up calls and slide back to end them. An iconic design. Now made better. Hang up in style. For the originals.

Unboxing Photos

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Technical Details

  • System: KaiOS
  • Processor: 1.1 GHz / Dual Core / Qualcomm Qualcomm 205 (MSM8905)
  • Memory: Internal: 4 GB / RAM: 512 MB
  • Display: 2.45" / Curved QVGA display
  • Camera: 2 MP / Flash: LED
  • Network: 4G: LTE Band 1/3/5/7/8/20/39/40/41 / 3G: Band 1/5/8 / GSM: 900/1800 MHz
  • SIM card: SIM 1: micro-SIM, SIM 2: nano-SIM / Slot: Dual SIM
  • Wireless: Bluetooth: 4.1 / Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Connection: Jack 3.5 mm / micro USB
  • Location: GPS, aGPS
  • Protection: Drip protection (IP52)
  • Battery: 1500 mAh (Removable)
  • Weight: 117 g
  • Dimensions: 133.45 x 49.3 x 14.9 mm

User Reviews

  • by PK
  • Wednesday, 25 July, 2018

Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM

Very retro Nokia style. Good design. clear reception. Need to download instruction manual.

  • by Anonymous
  • Wednesday, 1 August, 2018

Top mobile phone

Classic mobile phone , it works well. Good for people who don't like touch screen mobiles

  • by Brad
  • Monday, 16 July, 2018


The design is great and fit for purpose, fits in jeans back pocket & you can sit without breaking it - for the next generation though I would prefer a more solid structure, esp the slide. Plastic to plastic doesn't glide very well. of course a touch screen is a necessity nowdays... Buttons are good but need a tad more work - I'm not sure but maybe slightly raised to locate easier for fat thumbs or may be different material finish to differentiate them. And finally the software, am sure I don't need to advise you on this. Am not sure I like the current Sub-Continent product- & cost is important so...given time it may evolve. For the price it is a great item. I did end up getting a Samsung flip for something more robust & pocket size but it is 40% $ more. The 811 will be my back up & outdoors phone. If you can get it closer to the samsung flip design, material/weight, screen and software it will be a winner - oh and the slide. For the $ great phone - thanks. PS I move from Motorola to Nokia from 98/99 & stayed until 2012 & loved them. It would be good to see some of their great product designs return. This is an iconic nokia it would be good if your product could resurrect them and in style. Many thanks

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