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Great Features of the Sony SBH2
10/12/2013 6:30:30



One -touch (NFC) connect and go - this feature uses the Smart Bluetooth® where you simply just touch the back of the smartphone to the back of any android device in some cases you will need to enable NFC for the smartphone or normally Bluetooth Pairing.


Music experience

While not answering to calls on the SBH52, I downloaded a few songs to check the sound quality and for a small device its quite decent. It has a deep bass and clean clear treble. On the display window of the SBH52 you can see the current song track , artist name and track info.  You can simply click the >> next function button or previous << function button to skip tracks similar to a traditional cassette recorder.


Smart app-enabled

In addition to using the Sony SBH52, you can download the application for android from Google Play Sony smart app extension. Search for Sony SBH52 and you will find the extension app on Google Play for android devices.



The window app allows you to view calls and call lists under the New events section of your phone display.  


In addition you can read text notifications and messages in a clear OLED display.


FM radio

Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 has a built-in stand alone FM radio with RDS. Save your favourite radio stations and enjoy real time entertainment wherever you are.

Multi-compatible. Multipoint

You can use Smart Bluetooth® Handset SBH52 with any device that supports standard Bluetooth® audio streaming (A2DP) including the most popular laptops, smartphones and tablets. This wireless headset will also connect to two smartphones or other devices at the same time.

Other Specifications of the Sony SBH52

“Anywhere - Anytime “

The Sony SBH52 Smart Bluetooth handset is splash proof so it can stand drops of rain. It is not waterproof however, so just be careful not to drop it into a pool of water assuming that splash proof is same as water proof.

To summarize Sony SBH52 comes with


  • Bluetooth 3.0

  • Multipoint connectivity

  • NFC

  • FM radio with RDS

  • HD Voice ready