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The most affordable Action Camera- XBase SJ1000 Sports HD DV (White)
12/12/2013 8:55:29


The Xbase SJ100 sports HD camera is truly a value for money if you are looking for something that is reasonably priced and can be used in  moving Action. Even more so is the amazing features you can use. Unboxing the item will reveal a lot of components but if you are a person that loves adventures and capturing videos in motion than assembling the Camera is worth every bit of your time.


Here are 8 great reasons to use Xbase SJ100 Sports DV

  1. Housing Case mounting clip - You can have the camera strapped to your arm while in motion, simply take the bandage clip No.11  and hooking it to the back of the case and insert the strap No.10      

  2. Helmet housing - For bicycle travellers you can take the helmet and mount on the camera using No.14, and straps No. 11.


  1. Helmet mounted - For even crazier bikers, instead of hosting the camera on the helmet, you can host the camera up vertical so that its vertically mounted on the helmet. Fee free to try it out using nos 14, 5 & 1.

                 *Note you will need a bind strap no 3 to host it onto the helmet not provided in the pack


  1. Clip mounting - A more easier way to handle the camera is using the clip No.10. Simply stick it to the back of the HD camera without the Waterproof case, and camera can be clipped to your buckle, pocket or to a strap No 11.


  1. Housing Case installation -  The housing case installation No.1  which is the waterproof case is probably the best piece of the HD Camera. As it allows the camera to be waterproof up to 30 meters depth.


  1. Bike Rack mounted - Similar to the GoPro yet more economical version is the bike rack ability. Using nos 12, 17, or 6 and tools of No.15 fix and mount it to the handrail of any bicycle. Once the support is mounted, you can leave it on and just remove the camera for convenience.


  1. Car recorder install - Using Nos 6,5 and 2  with the tiny screw driver No.15 in the above image, to mount it on the windscreen of the car. For the electric supply you can plug it into the cigarette lighter receptacle for the camera to be fully functional 


  1. Home Security -As this camera is a multipurpose one, you can also used it not just for motion shots but having it in a stationary position. What that means is you have it installed as a security camera in your own living space. To do so you will need to use nos 6, 7 & 3, including the sticky pad next to nos 9 & 10 .The XBase SJ10 Sports HD DV camera needs to be plugged in to AC supply to continually capture video.


Useful Features of the Xbase SJ100 Sporst HD XBase SJ1000 Sports HD DV (White)

  • Waterproof to a depth of 30 meters a great choice for watersports and diving

  • The video camera is HD built in at 1.5 inch display

  • 140 degrees high resolution wide-angle lens gives a panoramic effect that is great for outdoor video footages

  • Max storage between 2GB to 32GB storage card

  • Standard parts are removable and easily assemble

  • Serves as a Webcam so you can connect it to your PC

  • HDMI and HDTV output

To view the product in detail check out this youtube video created.