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eXpansys has let me down... [3Com OfficeConnect 108Mbps 11g XJACK PC Card - 115601]

  • JohnyD
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After ordering my 3Com OfficeConnect 108Mbps 11g XJACK PC Card on November 14th, 2006 I was informed that delivery usually takes 9 days. Well.... a couple weeks later I decided to check in with eXpansys. A week later it was clear that my order was not important enough to respond to. So... I sent another email this time CC''d to several sales, problems, orders address (just to try to get a little attention). I asked if they could please provide me information on why it was taking so long, when I could expect it, and anything else that would generally make me feel better about this purchase. Their response? "Sorry...". Usually I wouldn''t mind this sort of wait... but when I ordered the product it''s status was, "In-Stock". Anyhow, we''re close to hitting a month... and still no stock? I could''ve ordered it from a dozen different merchants and have received it by now. eXpansys likewise could have ordered it from somewhere else just to satisfy my order. I must say that I''m very dissapointed in the service I''ve received and if this keeps up will definitly not be ordering from them again... however we''ll wait and see what happens. I''ll keep this thread updated on my progress.