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I cannot connect to my server (site) [3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Firewall Router - 118471]

  • scejja
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I've installed an SSL Apache web server (1.3.33) in windows 2003 server. The router supports DDNS (dyndns.org): OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router The problem is that after a small period of time from starting the server (1 hour, o less) I cannot connect to the site from any other PC on the Internet. But I can from the web server PC or from another PC connected to the same router. After so many tests I think that the router falls asleep because of the lack of traffic (I have proved that is not a stand by issue related to BIOS, HDD, or Ethernet card). So I get an Connection timeout error (it says that the server is too busy, which isn't true or that there is a problem with the server which is not true because if I try to connect from another PC connected to the same router, it works with no problem). When I come back where server is located I start Internet Explorer in the server (or in another connected to the same router) and the site is displayed. But I've noticed that Internet Explorer takes more seconds to load the initial page when it starts, than when working in a normal session. The QUESTION is: Is possible that the router comes in stand by mode because of lack of traffic? Is there any way to avoid it in the router configuration?. Up to now the only thing that solves the problem is to use a program that keeps Internet connection working (for example emule, though it is only connected to servers not downloading). In this case emule is installed on another PC connected to the same router than the server and I never get a connection error to the site. I hope there's a better solution. any help would become of great help Juanjo