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Acer Aspire one problem - OS lost [Acer Aspire One - 169960]

Aspire one arrived today.  Discovered that the Video camera function does not appear to record audio which is very disappointing and renders the machine useless for our purposes, since it was bought to do exactly that.  I performed a live update which appeared to download about 15 patches and rebooted as advised.  Following the reboot, Now there is no desktop showing - just a dark, blank screen and a white outlined arrow cursor which responds to the touch pad.  (ie it moves about).

 2 questions - firstly is it right that the video camera does not record local audio with the image?  If this is so (and it seems deeply illogical) then this machine is absolutely no use to us unless there is some alternative software that could be used.  Please advise.

Secondly, the machine now seems incapable of displaying the desktop so is currently useless anyway.  I've powered it down, powered it up, removed the battery pack, replaced the battery pack.  On start up the PC displays the POST screen in black and white and offers the F2 option for BIOS.  It then jumps to the Blue Aspire screen before stopping at the black screen with the white cursor.  Please advise.

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I would suggest you reload the device with the supplied CDRom.  Before you complain that there's no CD drive on the unit, you can boot another computer (PC, laptop, whatever) off the restore CD, create a USB flash boot drive with a 1gb memory drive and boot from that by pressing F12 at system POST screen.

Secondly, I am not sure if the system DOES record sound when in the Aspire Linux (Linpus) OS.  When I get home I will test it out on my 2 devices.  My g/f has one which runs Linpus, and I have XP'd mine. 

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