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What's in the box? [Acer Liquid Metal Gingerbread Android 2.3 - 205663]

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This is for those of you that are wondering what you'll find in the box once you've received your product but can't wait for it to arrive:

The device (w/back cover and a battery)
The startup guide
A USB to micro USB cable
A charger
A headset
A 2GB microSD card
A pouch for the phone

It also comes pre-installed with the following languages: 

(CS) Czech
(DE) German
(EN) English
(ES) Spanish
(FR) French
(IT) Italian
(NL) Dutch
(PL) Polish
(PT) Portuguese
(RU) Russian 

Please be aware that box content and pre-installed languages might be changed without further notice. 


Kenneth Eilertsen (Quality Engineer, eXpansys)

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Is there a specific screen protector you would recommend for this, or does it come with one in the box (as do the Sony's)?