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few questions regarding the phone [Acer Liquid Metal Gingerbread Android 2.3 - 205663]

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this is my first smartphone and apart from the crap manual that came with it and the fact that it's an 0871 number to ring acer i can't find a pdf or something similar on the net to help me.i'm used to an inbox/drafts/sent messages and i can't even find out how to delete these or edit contacts/block numbers/assign tones to each contact.there are no text message settings.the sound even though i've had somebody to 'play' about with it for me is terrible and i can't make it louder ( get better sound on a 10 quid nokia) and there's always a noise in the background when speaking to somebody ( like interference but it's all the time).only had the phone a few days and even my daughter who received hers the same day is frustrated.the internet is brilliant though but unless we can get these problems sorted we'll have to send them back.we've been trying all today on and off to solve the sound problem.when you use the barcode scanner it goes to the US web.can this be changed?



You can get the pdf manual from the acer web site

If you dont like the standar messaging app then try Go sms pro


If you decide to use go sms you will have to turn of notifications in standard messaging apps settings.

Also have a look at the Zedge app for loads of wallpapers and ringtones


Both are free on the android market

There is also lots of info on

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been trying to post for the past hour but every time i put the code in @ the end it won't do owt


interesting site that you posted-android modaco.found a thread abt tweaking the sound but i didn't understand it/not sure i can mess abt with it in case it has to go back.the volume level is so low and extremely irritating as i can't hear ppl very well and visa versa