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How to change to English UK [Acer Liquid Metal Gingerbread Android 2.3 - 205663]

Hi my phone arrived a couple of weeks ago on a superfast delivery.
I am totally new to a smartphone so still on a very big learning curve.

One problem I am having is trying to display phone numbers in English UK style, at the moment
all numbers are displaying 012-345-12345 in this format instead of 01234-123456.
How can I change it? I tried manually to edit the numbers but as soon as you type them in they
immediately go like the first example which I believe is the US style.


I had this problem also, just go to android market (play as it is now known) and download 'MoreLocale 2'.

This will then let you set your locale to EN (or GB).

I don't think it works re-actively so if you've already got numbers in your contacts, they will still show as US style.  Just edit them or delete and start again.

If you uninstall the app after changing the numbers, you're numbers will stay in UK format.

This is where I got the info from...

Hope this helps...  Also, this is a good place for answers on anything Liquid Metal related.....


Hi Michael Thanks for the links. Will have a go at that.
It would be nice to see an update from Acer that gave us English UK.