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Bluetooth LAN Access Point and E200 Smartphone [AnyCom Bluetooth Adapter - 101645]

  • jamie05
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Hello, I have just purchased your Bluetooth-Lan Access Point AP-2002. I am trying to access my wifi lan over Bluetooth from my Orange Bt Windows Mobile Smartphone (SPV E-200) so that I can share internet access, files, activesync, use phone as a modem all from my bedroom because I am disabled and have to spend a great deal of time in bed. My Bluetooth PC doesn't have the range to reach my bedroom so thought that I would set up an access point in the bedroom itself using my wireless network which is much stronger in the bedroom. Just to be sure I have also put in the bedroom a wireless access point (an Apple Airport Express) which also has an ethernet input into it, into which I have placed the ethernet cable from the Bluetooth LAN access point. Can you guys tell me if this is what this kind of product can do? I tried the dlink version of this product but couldnt even change the alpha password to numeric because Smartphones only allow numerical input for passwords. At least with this one I have got further and been able to change the password. My phone sees and has bonded with the access point with no problems. However How Do I Actually Use the Access Point? What I mean is what program do I go into on my Smartphone in order to make use of the Bluetooth to LAN access? I told you I'm pretty basic and a beginner at all this. My other questions are about which actual settings do I need to alter bearing in mind what I want to do with my phone ie share internet access, share files, activesync, use phone as a modem? What settings for the following mentioned in the Anycom configuration web.: 1. Access Point Settings (will it still work even though the access point factory IP address is in a different range from my router ie compared to, 2. LAN Access via PPP (LAP), 3. LAN Access via PAN (NAP) (DHCP is what I usually use but the default is fixed?)? 4. PPP Authorization under security (is this my ISP user ID and password?)? I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to e-mail and phone Anycom themselves for support but have got nowhere hence I'm writing to this group in the hope that some of you gadget gurus out there might be able to help. Thanks again. Jamie