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PC locks up when trying to access files on telephone. [AnyCom USB-120 Bluetooth Adaptor - 112875]

  • prodigal
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I have a Motorola V525. This device was on the list as compatible with my phone. Set up seems to go ok and there is communication between the phone and my desktop computer. What I am trying to do is to transfer pictures from my phone to the PC. I click on the find devices... then I click on the bit for file transfer.. this gives me two options... Audio and Pictures. I select pictures and my PC locks up... I have to press the reset on my PC and start it again. I have re installed several times. I have switched off My virus checker during installation.. I have completely removed and uninstalled the drivers and Anycom files each time when I have installed... There seems to be nothing in the set up for the connection to the phone that would effect anything... Don't know what else to do... help please. If this product does not let me download Pictures from my phone.. then please let me know and I will exchange it for a product that does. Many Thanks Revd Bruce Upperton 89 Guywood Lane Romiley Stockport SK6 4AW Tel 0161 6120388
  • jpirie
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Dear Prodigal, This, sadly is not of much use to you but, I tried to access a V525 using a Microtune BT adapter and Widcomm software. Every time I tried to do file transfers Windows Explorer would crash. Being XP Pro the OS did not come tumbling down but I suspect that Win 98SE or Millenium would have. I think the issue is with the Phone rather than the SOftware or dongle. I also tried file transfer using a Sony Ericsson Z600 and it was totally faultless, I could browse the files on the phone and drag and drop from phone to PC and back again. The Bluetooth Implementation in the Motorola V525 seems limited and a bit flaky sadly. I tried taking it up with Motorola but they were spectacularily disinterested (My spelling is awful!!) Currently back to using my old Sony Ericsson T68i with the BT Dongle. Now to my reasons for browsing this forum. I am planning purchasing that very Blue Tooth dongle which you are describing but wanted to know which software came with it. I'm sure you can help me with that?.....please :) Hope you get sorted out in the end Kind regards, James