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Ipod problem? [Apple iPod 20GB - 107698]

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What is the problem that you are having? -- Michael - eXpansys
Hi, I hope someone can help. I have transfered songs to my ipod but have found that the even the loudest volume is still quite quiet. I dont know how to get the volume any higher. I know other people ipods are very loud but i dont know how to get my volume high. Any help would be useful. Thanks Sheridan
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Hi Sheridan! I had this problem, too. what you can try is to use other earphones. not this one that u use at the moment, try to use an other one. I think it should be good. =) sarah
I have just buy a 2G Ipod nano but it seems that my computer dont´n find the drivers to connect in the CD. I´ve tried everything but it still don´t work and that is strange in that the battery charges when it´s connected but I don´t get trhu Itunes and my Ipod. What can I do? Thanks.
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My iPOD was not really responding well. I think there's a virus in it. I tried to erase by formatting but the formatting wasn't completed. Now, I can't open it on my computer. But the screen is displaying something. However, the songs are not anymore there. I can't even access my files.. HELP MEEE!!