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Apple Ipod keeps on saying its corrupt. [Apple iPod 20GB - 107698]

I plugged in my Ipod and a window popped up saying that my Ipod was corrupt and I had to restore it. I went on to the iTunes bit to restore it but it wouldn't do it so I unpluged it and restored it by plugging it into a eletrical plug. It restored. I went back on to my computer and uninstalled everything to do with iTunes and Ipod. i reinstalled it and plugged in my ipod. It still say's that it's corrupt and it says to restore it. It keeps on doing that. Also, recently my dad put a Ad-aware thing on. Might that have something to do with it? Please help me lol I uninstalled that Ad-aware thing and unintalled everything to do with Ipod and iTunes and put it all back on and plugged in my Ipod. When Itunes came up it came up with a different message. It said something like the ipod cannot be synced because the disk or file(Or something else) cannot be written to/read from. And my Ipod has got a corrupt sign on it and it won't go by trying to restore it. Whats wrong!?