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Phone cradle fitting [Arkon CM30 Gripmatic Phone Cradle - 106158]

  • chelly
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We have received two of the above phone cradles fom yourselves. There was no infomation or fittings included as to how the cradles should be fitted to a vehicle. Thank you.
  • Jim Tse
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You will either need a CM47 or a CM52, if you get a CM52 you will also need an AP03. -- Jim - eXpansys
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I would buy 4 CM030 phone cradles that should be mounted on the desktop of 2 railway vehicles; for this fitting I need a 9" flexible pedestal to screw on the desk top. The CM52 that you suggest has the right shape but I need a screw and not a windshield suction fiting. Could you suggest some solutions? Is the CM084 still in production? Best regards Corrado Fano