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CM700 Powered PDA Mount Speaker Problem [Arkon CM700 Powered PDA Mount - 115801]

I have recently purchased a CM700 PDA mount. Everything else is working fine but when using the phone I cannot get the internal speaker to work without it making such a high pitch squeeking noise (feedback) that any conversation is inaudible. I have got the correct connection for the PDA (Qtek9090)i.e., 2.5mm adapter onto the 3.5mm lead, but it just continues with the feedback. I have tried adjusting the volume on both the PDA and the units volumes control but I have to lower it to the point that I cannot then hear the conversation. Is there something wrong, or have I missed something out. Your assistance would be appreciated.
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There sounds like there a problem, you may be better returning the unit to us for a replacement. -- Michael - eXpansys Forum Search