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Arkon pda mount / TomTom GPS [Arkon CM700 Powered PDA Mount - 115801]

  • 42_westy
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Hi, I have the Arkon CM700 Powered PDA Mount and would like to charge my TomTom 5 for PDA GPS receiver whilst the mount also powering my MDA Compact. Is it possible to use the RJ12 socket on the PDA mount to do this? If this is possible, which connecting cable would be needed? Thanks for any help you can give.
  • PeteGraham
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I have the Arkon and I assumed the only charge points were the USB port on the underside (there are 2, one for PDA and one for whatever else you have that charges using USB - was great for powering my USB christmas tree... - and the other is a port on the side of the unit which is labelled GPS receiver or something like that (which I use to power my bluetooth receiver) I assumed the rj12/45 style connector was for connecting to a wired GPS unit for the purpose of receiving signal only.