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Horrible software, ok when it works, but always crashes [ASUS A636N with CoPilot Live v6 GPS - 141164]

I dont know whether its the PDA or the software, but copilot always just bloody erases itself from the damn SD card and you cant reinstall it, says "check its plugged in before you start copilot" or something else really useless and ghey like that. Dont buy one.
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Thanks for the info. Its the only bad one I have heard from suppliers and other forums. However, as the package will cost me about a grand, I will definitely follow up on the ''erasing'' problem for copilot. I have had a similar problem with .NET CF (all versions) if they are installed on a card. They just vanish. Which pda do you have? Are you talking about the ASUS A636N, as there seem to be several versions of that unit. I currently have an Ipaq 2200 and a Holux GPSlim 236. Thanks Malcolm