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buying Asus A636N [ASUS A636N with CoPilot Live v6 GPS - 141164]

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Hi GPS OZ has an ASUS A636N with Copilot Live V6 on a 2gb card for $969. Is this a good machine? Im hearing mixed reviews. (It actually works out of you buy the three items seperately, you save $1, so if you''re really strapped for cash... Apparently it runs the SIRF III chipset (but some websites say SIRFII only!) and has all the PDA goodies in. Im concerned with the other post saying that Co pilot erases itself from the SD card. Does anyone have experience with this model? I need an answer quickly, as my family are banding together to buy me one for Christmas to replace my Holux GPSlim236 which is showing weird problems like losing BT connections. I hope someone can advise. Thanks Malcolm