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Did Expansys really delete the only useful Transformer Prime thread? [ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Tablet Champagne - 226677]

  • pdpOMNI
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Correct me if i'm wrong, but i've been following the issue on when US pre-order customers were to expect to receive the Transformer Prime; one of the main sources was a thread on the forums and it seems it's been deleted. 


What exactly is going on here?  

  • evetskirk
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Who knows, this whole thing has been a big joke. I can't really believe I am stupid enough to go ahead and wait and get one of these tablets. It is my first tablet too. From what I have been reading there are all kinds of issues with them and they just announced a new one coming out in q2. , basically to fix all that is wrong with this one, oh sure they added some minor other things so they could sell it as an upgraded tablet. I can't quit laughing at ASUS.
  • NateM Staff
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Are you referring to this thread here?

Seems to be working for me. If the region you are ordering from changed the SKU that they are using for the Transformer Prime, it is possible that the thread is no longer showing on the product detail page, but it should still be in the forum.