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ASUS WL-110 802.11b Wireless LAN CF Card – Support Forum

Where is Mobile Manager, and how to use profiles etc? [ASUS WL-110 802.11b Wireless LAN CF Card - 119876]

  • A Hawkins
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Just received Asus WL110 for use with my Axim X5. Desription refers to handling connections using profiles (other descriptions refer to Mobile Manager software). CD does not contain any such software, only driver for CF card which appears to install OK ie there is some response when scanning for wifi, but no clue as to how to link to multiple connections using profiles. Brief instructions refer to different install program (spacelink.exe) and only give scant detail on configuration eg 'you may need to configure xxx'. 1 - Have I missed something on the CD? 2 - Should there be a second CD? The box arrived not in shrinkwrap - should it have been? Any constructive comments welcome. TIA