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Anyone tried the TruePower iPod Battery? [Belkin iPod Battery Backup with 2 Suction Cups - 106312]

  • BzyHvnFun
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Supposed to have a 2 year warranty and still have 70% juice at 2 years! Just wondering if anyone has tried them yet?
  • rhwallen
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I havent but it is featured on Gizmodo now - hopefully someone will report back on it there:
No, I haven't tried it myself either. I don't like the idea to be honest, it's another thing to carry around and to be honest kind of defeats the purpose of a portable MP3 player, doesn't it? There's a few companys now doing ipod battery replacement relatively cheap... I used Techsplosion for my iPod nano when the battery started going dead too quickly. I had it back within 2 days of sending it away and it worked perfectly again. Take a look here: :-)