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Some issues [Belkin Skype WiFi Phone - 139151]

  • skipe
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Just bought one of these and have been trying it out. Generally pleased, the build quality is bit poor (especially the tacky keypad). I''ve noticed the following problems though: 1. After leaving it on for more than 12 hours it locks up (display is still on, but clock has frozen) and none of the keys work. Have to pull the battery in order to recover. 2. Sometimes the clock displays the wrong time (usually 00:00) and I need to turn it on/off to get the right time. 3. Increasing the volume during calls seems to some how cause the microphone gain to increase (not nice for the person on the other end of the call) and I can hear low base noise. The best setting is to just leave the volume very low. 4. Call quality was generally good, but did get a few squeaks and squawks on ocassion but these could have been from the wireless router or internet (but never had this issue when using skype with a wired router). Anyone else experienced the same problems?
  • Vimy
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Yes, my phone locks on the odd occassion but I don't have the other issues. When I search for networks they are shown but i can't always connect to a network that's shown (I'm not trying to connect to secure networks.) The phone tells me that it's unable to detect an IP address. Also you're not able to connect to unsecure networks that have no SSID.
  • pppbm
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Battery will not charge so phone only works on mains connection - pretty useless. We bought 2 and the other phone battery works in this phone so it seems most likely to be a dud battery. Problem appears to be that nobody can supply just a battery they require the whole thing to be returned and will take at least 14 - 21 days to supply replacement. Since I am due to go to New York on Thursday next I am not too pleased. Belkin on-line site of no help whatsoever. The second phone certainly has the clock problem. Only had them for 24 hours so any otherr problems yet to surface! Thus far not impressed. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE After weekend I managed to speak to Belkin UK and found a Customer Service Representative who was prepared to go outside the box and help. Sourced a battery for me and arranged for a local fix. Phone now working and will be put to test during trip. Top marks to Belkin CSR.