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Refusal to read MMC cards [Belkin USB Media Reader/Writer for MMC/SD Cards - 107357]

I have a 256 MMC in my Nokia 6600 and a Belkin USB reader/writer for my PC (running XP), the card is read and can be written to perfectly in the phone but for some reason the reader is having problems. Ive followed the install instuctions that came with the reader to the letter but when I put a card into it and try opening it the 'my computer' window will freeze. If I leave a card out of the reader and double click the icon it says please insert a card obviously. When i first got the reader it did read the card occasionally but now it wont at all. Ive tried putting the MMC in with and without files on it, and have formatted it in the phone too. I also have a USB flash drive which can be read perfectly by the PC, no issues with this one. Ive tried uninstalling are re-installing serveral times but nothing works. I had to totally wipe my PC yesterday for another issue and even after a clean break the bloody reader still wouldnt take the cards! Can anyone suggest a possible reason and cure for whats happening?! Sorry for the long post, hope it makes some sense
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Looks like the card reader is buggered ... I suggest you contact Belkin for warranty replacement! -- Mahesh - eXpansys