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Hello, I have been using a belkin wireless keybaord and mouse for around 1 month now and am not entirely happy, perhaps the settings just need some tweaking that you can help me with ... The mouse is often sticky, i.e the reaction from movement to cursor is veerry slooow. This means I have to reset the mouse around 3 or 4 times daily. Not a big issue I suppose. However, my main concern is the keybaord. I touch type and often write words in capitals or use the ctrl key for copy and paste etc (ctrl +c, ctrl +v). However the ctrl key does not stay 'down' for long. For example I control copy something and with my mouse switch applications and control paste only to find that I have overwritten my highlighted text with a c. The ctrl button does not seem to engage everytime. I have tried making the cursor repeat rate quicker, but this doesn't have any effect. Apart from using other typing methods what can be done? So overall, the wireless keybaord looks great in my styling office, but the usability sometimes makes me want to throw it out the window, and without the wires holding it down, one day it will be too easy. Any advice appreciated yesmaybe