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I simply love this phone. [BlackBerry 8800 - 146728]

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I'm the usual technogeek, I've had smartphones (HP iPaq line) but was a very late adoptor of the Blackberry. This phone is slim, beautiful, and elegant-- with all the features of Blackberry.  I'm USA+Cingular+Edge. It also has an integrated GPS which, when coupled with TeleNav software (monthly fee of $9/mo) provides excellent point-to-point directions with voice navigation.  Google Maps has GPS integration also but no voice directions.

I push all of my email to Gmail and use filters and tagging to organize my emails.  Then link Gmail to my Blackberry. Now I have ONE inbox: all emails, all text messages, all Google chats, all phone logs.

Additionally, a couple of cool lightweight but killer apps: GoogleTalk and Facebook for Blackberry round out the suite of ultimate communication tools. I only wish there were Skype for Blackberry... and voice-to-text SMSing for driving!

Multimedia capabilities are pretty good. A 2GB MicroSD card holds a bunch of pictures, music, and even a few movies (see SlySoft for DVD-to-movie software). If you don't use an SD card reader, file transfers take longer with the desktop app.

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Pet Peeves:

  1. When on a call, Internet data service is disable... MAP SOFTWARE STOPS!!! Ever get lost *and* make a call to say you are running late? (TeleNav should support local area map caching.)
  2. MicroSD card slot is INTERNAL, forcing you to open the battery cover to load/unload. Also, the securing fastener is a little flimsy (it's not the typical SD push-in/pop-out slot).
  3. No camera. I know this is more of a corporate device and I'm sure it would kill battery performance but still... it makes for the killer Smartphone trifecta: GPS+Internet+Camera.
  4. If you break your included leatherette holster, REPLACE it immediately. Nothing is better and secure.
  5. Voice recognition dialing isn't that good.
  6. Spring clean your inbox every quarter-- the Blackberry tends to slow down.

All-in-all, I'd rate the phone and experience 9.5 out of 10.