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is this phone sim free? [BlackBerry Bold™ 9000 - 168316]

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Unless specified as with a contract, the phones are unlocked and unbranded.

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It may be sim free or need to contact the one from whom you bought the phone.or otherwise you can insert other network simcards into the phone and check...if it works then the phone is sim free...if it does not work and shows error message like "Invalid Sim" or "Sim not supported" then the phone is locked with a particular network.

If you are comfortable in using with the same network well and good...if in case you need to change network then you need to unlock it.To unlock your Blackberry Bold 9000 you can approach the respective network provider and if they deny you can approach a trusted network provider like, and remove the network restriction.Now it is sim-free and you can use the phone with any sim.