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Forwarding E-mail if you have no wireless connection [BlackBerry Bold™ 9000 - 168316]



I want to forward (sync) my e-mail messages from my laptop to my blackberry 9000 with my USB cable.


I do not have a wireless conection

I have loaded the version of blackberry desktop manager version 4.6 that has e-mail setting button

 I have Blackberry Desktop Redirector installed but it says stopped in the task bar.

I have tried to use Enterprise Activation on the blackberry but it does not activate.

I use my normal email address and password and tried to activate service connection but it does not activate


 I am not part an organization and do not have microsoft exchange. I says I need blackberry enterprise server but I do not have this on my laptop. Do I need to purchase this seperately for just one laptop?


Please Help!!!!!


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You wont be able to sync emails to the handset via USB, its pretty much that simple.


If by no wireless you mean that you are using the handset without a live SIM card, you wont be able to receive email.


You will need an active mobile connection, with Blackberry services enabled on your number by your service provider. You can then register on the Blackberry website (your service provider will have their own website for this) and set up the Blackberry to poll your email account if its a pop3 account.


Otherwise you will need to use the redirector. You cannot use the Emterprise Solution on a laptop, its designed for use on an Exchange server.


I appreciate this answers a bit late after your query, but if you are still stuck then let me know and I'll try to assist.