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BB Desktop Manager Can not handle my "Duplicates" [BlackBerry Bold™ 9000 - 168316]

New Blackberry BOLD 9000 User. And a passionate HTC user.

I am running Windows XP Professional SP3. I use Outlook (2007) Contacts as my Contacts database.
My Contacts number over 5,000, and growing.

I deal with and travel extensively to countries where there is a particular trend not noticed in the USA or in Europe. 
In India, Pakistan, some countries in the Middle East, and most countries in Africa share this feature: most people have at least 2 cell phone numbers, some have 3 cell phone numbers, one each from each network provider. There are good reasons for this, but that is not what this question is about, that discussion is for another time.

Also, in these countries, when a company has 10 numbers, it is not 10 lines, as we know it, but 10 numbers …

Therefore, when you are given a business card by anyone, you will find a plethora of numbers on the card, even sometimes 2 fax numbers, a main Fax number and a departmental fax number.

I myself, because I travel so much, have a SIM card/cell phone number for each country that I visit regularly, and that means I have about 10 cell phone numbers.

Microsoft Outlook does not cater for this, and neither do many Contact Managers. But, I find that Microsoft Outlook actually has a few more fields as standard than others. There is a Mobile number field, and I put my extra numbers under other fields, such as Secretary, Company, Assistant, etc. When I sync with my HTC phones running Windows Mobile, every OUTLOOK field syncs with the HTC. Even the “Assistant, and Company fields. When I run of fields, I will create a second Contact entry for the person, with the second (or even 3rd) set of numbers. OUTLOOK and HTC synch this with no problem. Because the numbers are different, OUTLOOK does not see this as a duplicate.

I have lived with this compromise.

I received a BlackBerry Bold as a gift, and I am really enjoying this phone. Really enjoying the BB Service.

However, before I can put my HTC down for good, I need to sync all my Contacts, all 5,000 of them.

When I tried to sync with the Blackberry Desktop Manager, everything went fine, till it picked up on the dual names (even though the numbers were different), and when I selected the option I thought would allow duplicates to be carried over, the programme proceeded to amend all my “duplicate” names with the same numbers …!!! So, if it found Mr A Smith twic, it would amend both to have the same numbers….

Help, please! What is the solution? In addition, I discovered that the BlackBerry can only handle 4 Fields of phone numbers … So I certainly need to break my contacts up so that for example, Mr. A Smith would now be 6 entries with each having a different mobile number, yet Blackberry Desktop Manager seems to want all Mr A smith’s to have 1 mobile number. I had a shop listed 4 times, as the shop has 4 numbers. The Desktop Manager has synced all 4 with the same number … SO I have 4 entries, and all have the same phone number.

Help, advice, tips very much appreciated,

Thank you