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What do you mean by "Stock is not in local warehouse" [BlackBerry Classic Soft Shell - 269598]

Hi, may I know what you mean by stock not in local warehouse? Is the local warehouse you are referring is your wrehouse in Singapore? And if I order items not in your local warehouse will it affect the delivery of my other items "in stock now"?

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Hi marilouabao,

Thank you for your interest in our products. EXPANSYS operates multiple warehouses around the globe. For Singapore, we ship orders from our Asian warehouse in Hong Kong. The message you found "Stock is not in local warehouse" means that the item is not available in our Asian warehouse but might be transferable from other EXPANSYS warehouses.

If your order contains both "In Stock Now" and "Stock is not in local warehouse" items, you will have a choice to authorise your order as "Part-shippable" after you placed your order. Part-shippable means you will recieve the available items first, and the rest will be dispatched once they have arrived in our warehouse.

For more details, please refer to section 4 from our FAQ page.