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Blackberry Internet Service: Is it already registered? [BlackBerry Curve 8900 Smartphone - 176269]

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 I would like to buy this phone, and register it on Vodafone for the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). 

 Has this already been registered? or after purchasing this, can l do a "fresh" register to get push email from a Yahoo account?

  • Airax
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If you are buying a SIM freed device from us, the device should be "unlatched" which means you can use it on the Vodafone network and have the correct service books sent to the device to set it up for your email. Just make sure that you add the BlackBerry service to your Vodafone account. 
hi one question im from ecuador south america,  our band is 850 does this cell has it, another question what comes in the box meaning the accesories. does it came with memo card already as other... thanxs