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XDAIIs not connecting with Bluetrek G2 [Bluetrek G2 Bluetooth Headset - 110212]

I have an XDAIIs running Windows Mobile 2003 Second edition V4.21.1008 (build 14132), just received my G2 excellent service. Even though paired and G2 icon is display ("Headset connection to bluetrek G2")and recocognised, when trying to connect to G2 no success. "Connection failed" message. I have checked what the Bluetooth stack is, and it's "Bluetooth for Windows CE" BT-PPC/PE Version 1.0.0 Build 3500, Broadcom Corportation. I've seen some other sites that say this may be the problem? Is there any help you can provide please. As a cross check I have successfully connected to a Nokia 6310 mobile so G2 device is not the problem.