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connectivity accessories [Book Digital Co. SmartBook G/C138 Notebook - 107767]

  • atstarr
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The only accessory listed in eXpansys purchasing page is for printing. What about connectivity, whether modem for dialup, wireless, wireless modem, or ethernet. (Or for latter do I just plug it into my hub?) Thanks, Andrew
  • Mahesh
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Andrew - It has an inbuilt modem for dial up, also has GPRS capabilities. Network interface: RJ45 -> So you can connect to your network. I'm not 100% sure whether you can have a WiFi card to it. I'll se if I can find more information regarding this. The product decription says Internet applications via wireless networking or LAN: Internet Explorer browsing, email, file downloads, online games Mobile Phone functions: Voice, SMS, MMS -- Mahesh - eXpansys
  • dharker
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Can one connect a USB SD card reader to it? Would SDIO be supported?? What about Bluetooth GPRS?