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comparison with NetBookPro [Book Digital Co. SmartBook G/C138 Notebook - 107767]

  • atstarr
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Thoughts on SmartBook vs. NetBookPro? I prefer Palm OS, but Alphasmart Dana's screen is too small. (see www.alphasmart.com) Thanks, Andrew
  • dharker
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The G138, 168A and 168C look to be some of the best PDAs launched in recent years. The 168C is like the 138, but with a sexier design, higher spec and further connectivity options. The 168C is due to be launched by the Chinese company Book Digital early next year, the website is: http://www.e683.com, although the 168C has been removed for the time being. The 168A is already available for 650 USD (don't know shipping or duty etc.) but is like the 168C but without a keyboard. It would be nice to see eXpansys source these devices, so if eXpansys personel see this, PLEASE investigate further. If you would like, I have a word doc with regards to the two devices which a rep at book digital sent me. e-mail me on danharker24@hotmail.com. Me and a friend believe that this will knock the spots off nB Pro!