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Canon A610 I just bought [Canon Powershot A610 Digital Camera - 125914]

First time to buy a digital camera in 2 years. When I arrived in Chile 2 years ago I bought a Konica Revio KD420Z, 4 megapixel, 3X optical zoom. Not one problem with it in all this time. I love the little camera. It also has a video function that lets me take short AVI video clips which I convert to WMF clips to upload to the internet. I did not realize that my little old camera was pretty much state of the art when I bought it. So, last week I went to town just to look at the new cameras. Which one to choose? Took me two days just to decide on what manufacturer. I chose Canon because 1) They use avi format for their video, not MP4 MOV which I find cumbersome to work with. 2) The A610 uses common AA batteries, which I can buy anywhere, are economical and rechargebles are also available. 3) The A610 has a 4X OPTICAL zoom. Many cameras today have no optical zoom. I wanted to have more that my present 3X. I do not use the lcd viewfinder, even though my revio has one. I like to shoot through the lens and I take the parallex into account. I later use photoshop to edit all my fotos, so for me squinting into an LCD screen , for which I need my reading glasses, just does not get it. I like to put my unaided eye to the eyepiece. 4) The A610 still fits in my shirt pocket, regardless of what the reviews say about it. It has a footprint just a bit larger than my Revio. So 4 days ago, I bought The A610. I asked for a A620,A630 or A640 but they were not in stock. (The A630 and A640 just came out last month i think). So I bought the A610. I really do not need the extra million pixels because I do not make prints. But the Million more pixels (5 million) in the A610 will allow me to zoom and crop to produce web page pictures that I could not produce with the Revio. Yesterday, after reading the manuals (2), for 3 days, I set out on a bus/walking trip to take my first shots. Bought a 500 Meg SD card with the A610. In 3 hours I managed to fill up the card and had to erase some shots to get the sunset shots on the water as I was walking home. The A610 I find to be easy to operate, and the extra modes which I will probably not use could be handy. I use mainly the automatic mode and a Programmed mode. The feature I like is that I can save the settings on my program mode and then use the C mode by just turning the knob, and I do not have to reset all my settings. I use "flash off", ASA400, "continuous shutter". Without the C mode, I would have to manually reprogram these parameters every time I want to use my Program mode. I just wish that with the C mode, it would let you record more than one set of settings. If anyone knows how to do that please tell me. Then I could also program a Manual mode and save its settings. I find the response time of the camera to be just great, quite fast. The image quality seems a bit better than the old Revio, but then again, I am only producing images for the web. If you look at the images on my website, some were taken from the window of a moving bus, using program mode at ASA400, the rest were taken with telefoto using Automatic mode on my walk through Reñaca, Chile. I had the photos posted on the web and hour after my walk. If you would like any information about my experience with the A610, just let me know. I plan on shooting about 200 shots per day, so very soon I should be proficient. my email is the site photos are at