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Not working with Sony vaio VGN-U50 [Celluon Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard - 140488]

Hi. I am trying to get this working with one of these Sony PC''S and am now pulling my hair out. Firstly I must say I have had it all working with the same bluetooth dongle on an ordinary laptop no problems. When installed on this Sony PC running full Windows XP Professional, with the Tablet PC stuff installed also the application just will not run. You do see what appears to be a dos box open very briefly but no icon appears in the system tray like it should. I havn''t got a clue why it will not run, I can only guess there is some other software it doesn''t get on with? (maybe something to do with Tablet PC Edition?) If anyone has any ideas or has experienced something similar I would love to hear from you. There seems to be very little information around about this device, probably because most people don''t have hasstle! Cheers Gary