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CL800BT and P3600 [Celluon Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard - 140488]

I have a HTC P3600 and purchased a CL800BT Bluetooth virtual keyboard (VKB) from expansys.

I got My HTC through my phone provider in France Sfr (s300). It has the last WM5 Rom (GPS activated - 01/05/07 version and I installed the last WM5 driver from this site (exist on different other site by the way).

I paired the device correctly (BT pin code 0000) and I can see the VKB in the list of paired device on my htc. Both P3600 and VKB got the blue light on showing bluettoth radio is on. however when attempting to select projection keyboard as input method (either from the bottom of the screen of from the parameter panel: input method), it wouldn't fix it ie. it get back to keyboard as an input method. If I tried to run the software it says "please select projection keyboard as your main input method to view this feature" => It doesn't work!

I googled the web, played around with the registries but nothing got it to work. Anyone an idea?

Getting desesperate here...and sadly ready to return my cool gadget to expansys.



This phone has different name M700 (orange), S300+ (sfr), P3600 (HTC), etc.

I wrote to celluon sales, support and generic mail.

 Looking forward to clue as how to fix my issue or for people to mail celluon.

Hi Axel,


Did you get anywhere with this?  I have an SPV M3100 and am having exactly the same problems!  How frustrating!  Any help would be appreciated,



So far I am still looking for a solution.

I tried so many things and still no result. I even chased the support support@celluon.com, their sales as well and keep chasing them.

I foresee the software is not working properly it doesnot use neither the standard hid protocol (embedded in WM5) nor the standard BT connection procedure.

Unforunatly, my best guess is that nothing is gonna happen until they have released a new software! if they do (they might decide to go for WM6 directly).

I'll keep chasing Celluon folks and the more we are to complain the better the chance to get a new version! Hope expansys will push too!!! Eventually I may decide to send back my device...

Well I've finaly managed to get it to work, although not as well as I would hope!  Whilst the keyboard has most functionality, there is little in the way of callibration options.  Seems to be working okay though (if a little slow in responsiveness).  Anyway, how I got it to work:


Bizarly I downloaded the Smartphone (WM2003) driver!  When installed you get a different PK settings icon (looks like the device itself).  Make sure you have paired the laserkey, and if you can assign it a new outgoing port (e.g. COM2).  Run the new PK settings application, selct menu, then connection.  The PDA will search for the laserkey (make sure it's on! :-)).  Click connect and it should connect to the laserkey (if it doesn't first time try again).  The important thing is not to click done once it has connected as PK settings must keep running.  Either use the windows key to select an appropriate programe, or click the home button on the laserkey keyboard.  You shoud now have a working keyboard!  Hopefuly Celluon will relase a Smartphone WM2005 driver so that we can adjust the sensitivites etc of the keyboard - I will start to pester them :-)


Hope this works for you - let me know,



It works great!

What can I say? Thank you so much David!