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Stuck after a reset - Compaq 3760 [Compaq iPAQ h3760 Pocket PC - 101938]

  • MelSmith
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Hi I''m new to using this, but have generally found my way around the Compaq with Mobile Windows. Battery ran flat, so I''ve done the soft reset after a full charge. First I get the Align Screen message - I do the 5 align taps, then come to a Stylus Screen. Tap the next button on the bottom right and I get the Pup-Up Menu''s screen. And then it just stops and jams up the entire system - no next button, nothing allows me to get off this screen, and if I reset again, we get to the same point again, and lock up. Please help. What am I doing wrong, and what can I do to get past this, I''m really stompt.