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Cannot detect CF GPS [CoPilot iPAQ h2210 Navigation System - 108702]

  • ddyer1
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Hi I have an ipaq h2210 and copilot live. My problem is that everytime I try using copilot I get the error: unable to detect GPS, please check connections. I've tried hard resets, soft resets and reinstalling numerous time, all without success. I've tried doing an autoscan from within copilot to detect the GPS but this always opens the bluetooth manager and I don't seem to be able to disable this. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • Michael
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Check that you have installed the maps onto the SD card correctly, as this is what usually causes this error. If you have installed the maps onto the SD card, then check that you have the CF card correctly inserted, also remember that you will not be able to get a GPS signal indoors. -- Michael - eXpansys