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Ipaq 2210 + Copilot CF GPS [CoPilot iPAQ h2210 Navigation System - 108702]

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I have a similar problem to DDyer I had the equipment delivered today I have installed all Ok, and can view the maps. But when the CF GPS card is inserted, it appears to be detected as a Modem. The Message 'New Modem Detected' is displayed with the offer to make a connection to 'Home' or 'Work'. If the button [Dismiss] is selected, the message box is cleared and Copilot then advises 'No GPS Signal' 'Please check connections'. I did hear that this was a problem with a similar Navman CF device when the 2210 was introduced. Have you any solution. AS this was sold as a complete package, I thought it would work OK. 9-43 Found posting on another site. Advised setting to Com 7. Checked this and works OK