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CoPilot accuracy and functionality [CoPilot iPAQ h2210 Navigation System - 108702]

I am looking to buy this product for in car navigation, what is the postiional accuaracy of the GPS receiver if used inside a vehicle. Also, does it give live updates of congestion/accidients and can it perform re-routing functions on the move. I am comparing it against the iPAQ INS with live wire which does give these updates.
Hi Malcolm. All CoPilot GPS receivers are accurate within 10 meters. CoPilot Live version 4 happens to be the software used in the iNS 3 system. It does perform automatic re-routing on the move. Please understand that live wire is not integrated with the navigation software; rather, it is a third party stand alone application that does NOT make the navigation software re-route. As such you can separately purchase CoPilot Live and live wire. Regards, Dan