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What is the difference between this product and product code 167020? [CoPilot Live 7 GPS Software Europe, 2GB card - 162129]

  • Minime007
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This product (162169) is priced at £132.95; product number 167020 (AIRIS CoPilot Live 7 EU + micro SD 2Go Europe) is priced at £103.95.  Can you please tell me what the differecne is?  Handtec have this product priced at £102.21.

As both products are supplied on SD card can they be "copied" to a bigger card or the units memory for use?

Thank you

  • Yoni
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Well spotted, they are the same, but not from the same supplier. 

The product manager is looking in to it. 

As far as I know, with CoPilot there is no problem with copying the data to a larger card.

There is a guide here, on how to recreate the SD card data. 

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