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Rebuilding Library [Creative NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB MP3 Player - 111556]

Does anyone know why my Zen Xtra might be "rebuilding library" every other time I use it? This is probably not the forum to use, since I am the only member. S**t.
  • Jim Tse
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If you contcat Creative, they should be able to give you an answer. You can contact them from here. -- Jim - eXpansys
  • Michael
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When you say "rebuilding library" what exactly do mean? Have you added new songs to it recently? -- Michael - eXpansys
I'm having the same problem. I contacted Creative because I would get error messages loading tracks from MediaSource. After about 50 tracks each subsequent would error "unable to write ....". Creative suggested that I ugrade the firmware, which I did and now every time I turn the player on it spends about 15 minutes with the "Re-building Library ...." screen showing. I haven't dared try and add any additional tracks and given that this is a new player (given to me a couple of weeks ago) I can't say that I'm all that impressed so far!