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Nomad Zen Xtra display problems (blank screen) [Creative NOMAD Zen Xtra 40GB MP3 Player - 111556]

  • jordan69s
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I was listening to my player last night normally, left it to charge, then this morning it appeared that the player was not turning on. I was in a hurry so I left it, then I realized that it was turning but the screen was blank and this morning I did not noticed the blue screen. The player works otherwise, if I push the play button I will get it to play the first play list available and through the PC I can connect to the unit with no problems. I already tried to reset the unit, and it powered off and restarted but still blank screen!!! That was yesterday, today I was again playing with the player, tried to reset it again, same with the screen lights up blue but there are no words, so I pushed the play button a few times to see what happens and it started to play the album I played the last time the player worked correctly. The thing is after the album was done and the player whent off, I would do it again, pushing the button at ramdom different times, and again, the same album would play!!! What are the odds of that? I even tried a few hours later with the same results. Is there a possibility that the player got locked on that album and that is why the screen is blank? Is that is the case, How do I unlock the player since nothing is displayed in the screen? Any help would be sooooo appreciated Any suggestions please???? Thank you for reading my question Steve
  • TeresaS
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If you find out what to do, I'd love to know as well.

I also have a Nomad Zen Extra that just recently the screen went blank.

After 24 hours or so you turn it on, and you can see and use the screen for a few minutes before it goes completely blank again.

 I'd love to know if there is any way to fix this, if anyone out there has any ideas. . .