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problem Creative Rhomba 256MB MP3 Player software [Creative Rhomba 256MB MP3 Player - 114022]

  • sakari
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please could any one help me. i have Creative Rhomba 256MB MP3 Player, when i switch on it display this error------> Bad Bloks Check then display this one------> buildupL2pTable wrong ulLBAAdress << change >> !!HOLD-KEY ON!! Err Flag = 0000000 please could any one help what should i do to fix this problem... thanks a lot
  • Michael
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It sounds like a memory problem. You will need to get it repaired or replaced. -- Michael - eXpansys
have fix for this error,with hold off, hold and press mode then play. it will say bad checking wait for it 2 finish about 5 min, then press hold it restarts. good as new
  • eiphein
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ok thanks because ,i have this problem and i am french i don't understand all . can you explain in french please i am looking forward to receive your answer! eiphein
  • munesh
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thank you very much ; when i got this error i realy desponded because Creative Rhomba given to me by my sister as a gift. and it is very much precious to me. so i am very thankful to you and always pray for you health and happiness.