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Zen Connection Frustration [Creative Zen Touch 20GB - 114016]

  • warthog01
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I’m trying to in vain connect my Creative Zen Touch to my PC (XP Pro). When I plug into USB, the USB connection doesn’t register—instead, the Zen turns on and starts playing music. I think this is the root of the problem, but I’ve tried all the suggested fixes (at least the ones I’ve picked up so far). The Zen is recognised in Device Manager—with an exclamation point (driver not loaded). According to the Zen menu, firmware version 2.11.01 is loaded. I’ve downloaded the firmware file from the ‘net to attempt an upgrade, but it won’t load (probably because it won’t soft connect). I’ve reset the unit numerous times but I’m just about out of ideas. Is there another driver I’m missing and if so, where can I access it? Other than that, has anyone out there had a similar experience?