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Firmware won't install [Creative Zen Touch 20GB - 114016]

  • griff505
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I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I had a problem with the touchpad on my zen touch and the creative online advice suggested i reinstalled the firmware after reformatting the unit. I pushed a pin into the unit while holding down the play/pause button, formatted the drive and went to reinstal the firmware but when I executed the installer on XP it says my player is not connected, even though I can see it registered in the bottom right of the screen by the clock. creative have told me there is nothing i can do. Can anyone help, please??????
  • reaper_gac
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Are you sure you are trying to install the same version of the firmware that you just removed? -------------------------------------- I'm in your base killing your doods!
Hi, Did you ever get a result with this issue? I have exactly the same problem! I am trying to re-install firmware, but get same error message "player is not connected". Can anyone help? i am gutted at the moment
  • MrU
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Just logged in and registered.


Read the 1st two messages regarding this problem.

Be patient it's a long story.

My son owns one of these.He has now had 4, courtesy of Creative's rather unacceptable quality control.

1st one lasted 10 days.........froze/locked/unusable......was replaced by shop. Birthday present ruined.

2nd one lasted 6 months.....froze/locked/unusable.......was returned to creative and replaced.

3rd one lasted 13 months (note past warranty-just)......froze/locked/unusable........was returned with multiple correspondence. They replaced it, although warranty was up. customer relations, I imagine.

4th one, this one, failed again after 54 weeks (warranty up).......battery was recharged and screen message said in recovery mode. ...froze up. So I cleaned up, then rebooted & cleaned up again, then reformatted. Still nothing.So I updated firmware to present standard.

 as the person noted above, the pc did see it, but also gives same message as above when trying to update firmware  (player not connected) ...but only recognises 20 MB of space. It will not work, has stuck in recovery mode.

In view of fact that Creative are not very responsive, I would suggest do as I will be doing, and purchase a more reliable form of portable player, as with the above history it is showing that the reliability of these units is not acceptable  and at worse appears to be just outlasting it's warranty period.


I do hope this information is of help to those concerned, please think on the positive side in that at least having this knowledge, and if you are still under warranties, you will be able to replace the unit at little if no cost. 

Thanking you