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How tro configure DFL-800 [D-Link DFL-800 VPN Firewall - 126261]

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Hi I am seeking help in how to configure the DFL-800 with the setup in mind: We have signed up for SDSL line which will be link up with the DFL-800 router. We will use the Firewall that is built-in with the router. Following are the classification of services: Security Service: Firewall Mail Services: Mail Relay, Mail server Web Service: Ext Web Server, Int Web Server Resource Services: VPN, Database server, DHCP server, ftp server, Domain Controller Client/Server Environment 1) I need to configure on our DFL-800 firewall as follow: On the DMZ, the Mail relay, web browser, ftp server to be house here. The DFL-800 have 7 available ports, please advise to use vlan or just use port by itself for: 1) Mail Server 2) Database server 3) Application Server 4) Resource server 5) User''s workstation 6) Test Platform 1 7) Test Platform 2 I need to configure the VPN too and need advise. I need to integrate the network with our China branch. Is the router that we purchased meet the requirement. If not please recommend. Do provide any case study or site implementation that have make use of the DFL-800 router for my study. Thanks. Cheers EddieQuek