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Second hand D-Link DSL-504 find [D-Link DSL-504 Ethernet Router - 105317]

  • ike_obi
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Hi there you Nice people, I just stumbled across a second hand Dlinks DSL-504 ADSL Router (VerA2). The problem is that i can't log into the web based management module with admin as password and admin as user id. My guess is that the previous owner changed it from its default factory settings. I ran ip config /all and all was well you know as default gateway and so on. The question - is there a way round this ? or is the product now useless as a result ? Ike Thanks in advance
  • cypher007
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i think you can restore factory defaults by using a serial cable and hyperterminal. or see if Dlink's windows utility can restore factory defaults. another way that would probably work is to flash the router unsing Dlink's windows utility and a suitable copy of the firmware, because if i remeber this wipes all the routers settings.